If you have any questions concerning submissions, contact Arman B. through the DevPost manager email.

1. Submitting

1.1 DevPost is the Official Teens in AI competition submission site and allows you to submit all components required for your team’s entry. Note: submission elements and times are system controlled so no extensions are available!

1.2 Register all team members (including teacher & mentors) in DevPost (you'll need at least one person registered in DevPost to create and submit your project page).

1.3 Teams are required to submit the following as part of their competition entry on DevPost:

1.3.1 A descriptive project page in DevPost, listing your team members, with details about your project.

1.3.2 A Business Model Canvas (BMC) that lays out the elements of how your business idea and app could be brought to reality. When you are finished you'll have to upload an image of your canvas somewhere it can be accessed by our judges, (e.g. Google Docs, OneDrive, DropBox), and link to it from your DevPost project page.

1.3.3 A Software Application. This can be anything, e.g. a website, a mobile app, a game. You'll need to host your app somewhere that it can be viewed or download by our judges, and link to it from your DevPost project page. We suggest you use one of the many free or trial services available from the likes of Google, Azure, OpenShift, Heroku, GitHub, etc. (NB: Teens in AI does not provide any app hosting facilities.) Tip: your team should familiarise themselves with your hosting platform before the competition weekend.

1.3.4 A Pitch Video (maximum three minutes) that explains your Business Model Canvas and demos your app. You'll need to shoot and edit your video using your own equipment – laptop and phone camera quality will be fine. You'll also need to upload your video to YouTube (or similar) for our judges to view, and link to it from your DevPost project page. Remember that the judging panel is viewing the videos in isolation and doesn’t necessarily have any context around your project. You may mix in other elements with the screen-cast, such as footage demonstrating the issues your projects addresses, interviews, live action material you’ve filmed, et cetera – but be aware that videos that don’t focus on showing off the project itself will not be as valued as ones that do. Check out the hacker toolkit for some assistance and instruction on how to make a compelling video.

1.3.5 Outcomes from the project itself (any code, graphics, mashups, applications, website URLs, photos of each stage to create your artistic representation etc.). If judges are able to see and play with it that is useful, but this is a minor component of the judging. Teams can put the code/source on GitHub, Bitbucket, Sourceforge or an equivalent repository system and must make the URL available on their project page for verification. For artistic works you may need to create a photo library or share a link to a Googledocs or similar that contains evidence of the stages of your project.

2. General

2.1 Each winning team must nominate a project manager to liaise with and provide their details to Teens in AI organisers following prize announcements to coordinate distribution of prizes after the event.

2.2 Judges expect entries to be primarily developed throughout the 10-24 May. If submissions are shown to have been worked on before then, the submission will be ineligible for prizes. This does not include reuse or extension of existing software, libraries or data sets.

2.3 The maximum team size is 4.

2.4 No judges will be eligible to compete for prizes, and individuals from organisations or companies are also not eligible for prizes sponsored by their organisation. Judges reserve the right to disqualify a mentor/speaker if they perceive unfairness.

2.5 Don’t do bad things. Please participate in and engage with the contest in that spirit and in good faith. You must not include submissions that are:

2.5.1 potentially libellous, false, defamatory, privacy invasive or overtly political;

2.5.2 material which is potentially confidential, commercially sensitive, or which would cause personal distress or loss;

2.5.3 any commercial endorsement, promotion of any product, service or publication;

2.5.4 language which is offensive, obscene or otherwise inappropriate; or misleading, deceptive, violate a third party’s rights or are otherwise contrary to law.

2.6 We reserve the right to reject submissions that do not comply with the latter and spirit of these rules.

2.7 You agree to only include code, data, or other materials in a submission for the Teens in AI contest that you have the right to use and release consistent with these Contest Rules.

2.8 Neither Teens in AI, no any of the partners, sponsors or participants claim any ownership of the Intellectual Property teams submit during Teens in AI Hackathon, nor can we provide any protection of IP or sensitive material. You own what you produce at the hack. We highly recommend you discuss the ownership of IP and division of prizes with your team members before the Hackathon begins.

2.9 Entrants consent to Teens in AI and Acorn Aspirations Ltd, the primary company, use of their name, likeness, image and/or voice in any media for an unlimited period of time, without remuneration, for any publicity and marketing purposes.

2.10 Entrants grant permission to Teens in AI and Acorn Aspirations to use and reproduce any video or images produced during the hack for an unlimited period of time, without remuneration, for any publicity and marketing purposes.

2.11 Submissions and comments will be posted live, but occasionally they may not make it through our anti-trolling and anti-spamming filters and may need to be moderated manually. We reserve the right to remove or not post any submission that reasonably appears to breach any of these rules.

2.12 Teens in AI makes no representations or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, including warranties of accuracy, in regard to any submissions or links published on the Teens in AI website.

2.12. Your online submission must NOT contain any images, emails, names or other information that can identify you as young person. Failure to do this will have you and your entire team removed from the competition. This is in line with online safety rules, data privacy and child safeguarding.

3. Personal Information, Photographs and videos

3.1 Teens in AI, Acorn Aspirations and its partners may take pictures of you or record you while you are at the Teens in AI hack events. We will only do this with your consent and if we receive a signed Consent and Release form from you. The purpose for which we may use your picture or record you is for marketing purposes, and the images or videos may be displayed on the Teens in AI or partners website and social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Teens in AI will not disclose your pictures of video recordings for any other purpose other than what has been described in this clause. You consent to Teens in AI to use your picture, video recording or image for the purposes outlined in this clause. You may contact Teens in AI team to discuss how your personal information (such as your picture or video recordings) are being used, disclosed or stored. You have the right to request information that Teens in AI holds under GDPR rules. For further information regarding how Teens in AI collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information, please refer to Teens in AI Privacy Policy.

4. Teens in AI Code of Conduct

4.1 Teens in AI Hackathon should be an awesome experience for everyone. Be nice & play fair

4.2 By participating in the hack, as an observer or a competitor, you agree to the following:

4.2.1 I will treat others with respect

4.2.2 I will not abuse, stalk, harass or threaten others. I will not make offensive comments related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. I will not disrupt other people or the event and I will not make inappropriate physical contact or pay unwelcome sexual attention to other participants.

4.2.3 I will keep it G-rated and be mindful of language

4.2.4 I will not swear or make sexist, racist, or other exclusionary jokes, which may be offensive to those around me. I will behave in a way and only submit competition material that is suitable for anyone to view, including young children.

4.2.5 I will respect the venue and equipment

4.2.6 I will keep the venue clean and tidy and use the rubbish and recycling bins as appropriate. I will let the organisers know if there are any issues.

4.2.7 I shall follow the competition rules

4.2.8 I will only use authorised materials that I have the right to use and release and will not submit any projects which are potentially libellous, false, defamatory or overtly political or contains material which is potentially confidential, commercially sensitive, or which would cause personal distress or loss. I will check the website and/or have a chat with one of the organisers if at any stage I am unclear on the competition rules.

4.2.9 If I am feeling uncomfortable, am being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, I will immediately contact Teens in AI team.

6.2.10 I will not do anything to ruin it or engage in any behaviour that violates this code of conduct. I understand that Teens in AI or event organisers may take any action they deem appropriate, including warnings or expulsion from the event. I understand that if I am removed from the event due to inappropriate behaviour, I will no longer be eligible to compete for hack prizes.

By participating in Teens in AI Hackathon, you agree to comply with Teens in AI Code of Conduct.